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Went Above and Beyond

I just want to give Clean Choices a great big hug… You gave me such a great deal and went above and beyond of what I asked for. On top of paying for rent, heat, electricity and security deposits, it's hard to find the extra cash to clean the carpets of a neglected rental. They look so nice. Who knew that these carpets could get so clean! With Clean Choices, it was no trouble at all. Thanks Kim and the rest of your team. You're the best.

-Megan E., November 10, 2014

All the Stains Came Out

Very impressed. I have used steam cleaners before but never like this one. We have a light grey carpet that had massive staining in the one room. All the stains came out. I was very impressed with the machine and the service that I received.

-Barb D., October 20, 2014

The Best!

I've been relying on Bob and Kim for expert advice, carpet cleaning and carpet cleaning rental equipment for many years. Before I tried Clean Choices, I used other carpet cleaning services and equipment, and none were as good as Clean Choices. They are the best! And Bob has great advice on how to remove those hard to remove carpet stains.

-David H., October 17, 2014

What Service!

I ended up with a terrible tea stain on my white carpet. I tried removing it with many attempts using my domestic grade carpet cleaner and products to no real avail.

I phoned Clean Choices. Bob came over and applied his mixture, which lifted 80% of the stain, but it was still very noticeable. He informed me of the industrial type machines they rent, which was really helpful information that saved me money over him coming to do the job for me – and saving money is a huge priority for me. At -35, Bob delivered the machine and gave me a demo on how to use the equipment.

The next day, I returned the equipment and told him the stain was still there. A few days later, Bob came by out of the goodness of his heart and treated the spot again to see if it would lift further. It lifted a little more but unfortunately is still noticeable.

Bob and Kim gave me great advice should I ever spill tea again. Soak it up as much as possible. Cover the area with wet towels to prevent the spill from drying and phone for professional service right away. After the process I’ve been through and the spot that is still there, I know I’ll stick to their advice! The concern that Bob and Kim displayed on several occasions over the time I needed their service was stellar! Thanks so much, both of you, and I know that others will have similar experiences!

-Deirdre P.

The Only Choice

Clean Choices has been providing our family and business with excellent service for over a decade. When we rent carpet cleaning equipment, it is always clean and in good repair. The machine is powerful, effective and easy to use. Drop-off and pick-up service is always convenient. When we ask Bob to do the shampooing for us, he is thorough, prompt, courteous and accommodating to our needs and schedules. Given that this household has dogs and young people, I am amazed at how well our carpets have endured. Regular maintenance with Clean Choices is one of the big reasons why our carpets are still in good shape. I strongly recommend this company.


Excellent Service – Excellent Products

I have used steam cleaners but none that would ever do the job like these machines can, and as a mother of 6, knowing that the products used with these machines are biodegradable is great. I don’t think I’d want to use any other machine. Great service as always Kim and Bob, thank you.

-Satisfied Customer

Fantastic Results with Carpet Cleaning System

I have used Clean Choices carpet cleaning rental systems many times. I find their products/equipment produce the best results when I’m looking to remove a spill or stain. I find their products do not affect my sensitive skin or my allergies, and this is a first when using carpet cleaning products. Their prices are competitive and well worth it when they include free delivery, set up and instructions. Also, when I’m not feeling up to doing the job, I can call Bob, and he brings his high powered truck mount over, and he cleans what I need done in no time flat, and my carpets are dry that evening. It’s nice to have a company in town that still believes in the importance of good service, good products and good prices. And above all, it’s biodegradable, so I can feel good about helping the environment. Cheers Kim and Bob!


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