Clean Choices Carpet Cleaning: Ain’t No Mess We Can’t Fix!

CLEAN CHOICES CARPET CLEANING & EQUIPMENT RENTALS consists of four different divisions. We want to offer you, our customers, not only prompt, reliable, guaranteed service, but also choices that actually work.

Div. 1

DIV. # 1

CLEAN CHOICES is happy to come and clean / disinfect all carpets and upholstery with our Truck- Mounted System. There is nothing more powerful! We bring our own water and electric power. No job is too big or too small. If you have area rugs, whether they come from Persia or Wal-Mart, we can spiff them up for you. We specialize in Wools & Persians.

Coffee, tea or doggy pee, before you set it, please call me! Bob MacDougall, the owner, has been in the carpet business for 40 years and has the knowledge to take care of everything from paint spills and child spills to pet accidents.

This system is also available to rent.

Div. 2

DIV # 2

CLEAN CHOICES also rents State of the Art Carpet Cleaning Machines, powerful enough to clean up to three levels - without moving! These machines are suited for those customers who live in surrounding areas or who want to cut out the middle man, save some money, and do the same job as most professionals. We supply everything, including Free Delivery, Set-Up and Instructions for those who live in the Whitehorse area and are first-time customers. After you see how well they work, we know you’ll be back.

These machines are serviced every time they come in. They have been used in a detail shop, hotels, stores, the local soccer rink and other places that see a lot of traffic and need industrial strength. Live in the Yukon communities and want all the power you can get? Line up all your neighbors and rent either one of our commercial machines or our truck-mounted system!

Div. 3

DIV. # 3

Fire & Flood Restoration Equipment Rentals

Insurance deductible too high? Have a large job? We also rent out our Truck-Mounted System, Dehumidifiers, Air Movers, Moisture Readers, everything you would possibly need. We will knowledgeably guide you through the cleaning process, and we are available 24/7.

Div. 4

DIV. # 4

CLEAN CHOICES specializes in TRAUMA & CRIME SCENE CLEAN-UP, with discreet removal of any and all bio-hazards. Air Scrubbers & Ozonators are available.

We specialize in service, and you will always get a “real live person” when you phone. Kim or Bob will be there to answer any and all questions, and are happy to offer free estimates.

1006 Grove St, Whitehorse, YT, Y1A 4C8

867‑667‑4786  |

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Clean Choices Carpet Cleaning & Equipment Rentals specializes in cleaning wool and Persian carpets

We at CLEAN CHOICES love clumsy people, kids and pets.

Speaking of kids and pets, we are proud to tell you about two things you should know. Not only are all of our cleaning products water soluble, bio-degradable and fragrance free, but we don’t believe in putting the soap in the machine (kind of like washing your clothes but not rinsing them after). Our solution is sprayed directly on and then our high pressure jets flush out the soap, dirt and oils. There is no residue left in the carpet for baby to crawl over, nothing that could cause any problems for those who are asthmatic or suffer from respiratory problems. There is no brown-out due to carpets being full of soap. Just truly clean carpets. Guaranteed.

667-4786. Ain’t no mess 
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Clean Choices Carpet Cleaning & Equipment Rentals proudly serves the Yukon Area.

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